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Petrofinde has a team of geologists, petrophysicists, and geophysicists who have a strong 30 plus year track record of accurately analysing and interpreting the oil and gas potential of basins, plays, and reservoirs around the world. Our experts will assist you in your exploration and development needs.

Petrofinde provides state-of-the-art AI solutions with advanced accuracy for optimal returns.

About Petrofinde
The Company - Petrofinde

We have built a team that provides global expertise in petroleum resources evaluation. Petrofinde’s petroleum geologists, petrophysicists, and geophysicists are experienced with different types of hydrocarbon accumulations that include conventional and unconventional plays both onshore and offshore around the world.

Petrofinde will also partner with our clients existing exploration, development or geology teams and provide white labelling SaaS solutions upon request. We recognise the requirements to be agile and adaptable when it comes to dealing with proprietary data analysis.