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Prospect generation, review, evaluation & Subsurface structural mapping Services using Artificial Intelligence

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Subsurface structural mapping Services

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When artificial intelligence technology intersects with abundant oil and gas seismic data, the outcome could yield a more accurate depiction of what lies beneath the surface, enabling cash-strapped drillers to better target sweet spots and maximize returns.

It’s all based on algorithms that essentially teach computers how to solve complex problems—in this instance, how to quickly and accurately find subsurface faults that lead to lucrative hydrocarbon discoveries.


Prospect generation, Prospect review and evaluation, Prospect risking, Subsurface structural mapping, Well log correlation, Petrophysical analysis, Isochore/isopach mapping, Petroleum systems…
4D seismic acquisition planning, 2D and 3D Seismic interpretation, Seismic reprocessing supervision, Synthetic seismograms, Isochron mapping, Attribute analysis
Subsurface structural mapping, Bubble maps, Well log correlation, Petrophysical analysis, Oil and gas reserve estimation, Volumetric mapping, Isochore/isopach mapping, Geological…
Data consolidation, Data management, Database creation, Virtual Reality data room construction and review, Use of Drones implementing LIDAR Differential Absorption.…


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